From Alveda King, Pastor Walter Hoye and our friends at the National Black Pro-life Coalition:


Recognizing personhood as intrinsic to being human in the Constitution of the United States of America, would have averted slavery, concentration camps, the slaughter of Native Americans, the second class citizenship of women, the shedding of innocent blood in the wombs of our mothers and close the door to the euthanization (from the Greek εùθανασíα meaning “good death”) of our elderly. Personhood is the only Pro-Life strategy in our country today that does not embrace exceptions or legislative models of compromise. Personhood understands that from the beginning of our biological development, regardless of whether we were sexually or asexually reproduced,11 every human life has equal moral value simply because we are human. In the end, when the Pro-Life movement stands victorious by the grace, mercy and shed blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, when every life is respected and protected by love and by law, victory will look like Personhood. Personhood gets it right.”

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